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Consists send mass emails to groups of people who fit the profile of your target group in the market, through specialized software that control the shipping process generating reports open, read and return the same. This tool allows Anti-Spam testing to ensure the correct part HTML email delivery of our recipients.

It is a more economical compared to other fully measurable and effective.

The e-Mail Marketing Strategies is one of the most effective online marketing, this is that 95% of people who use the Internet have an email and revised periodically, and this is the best channel to convey information to them. That's why e-mail is the best way to present your products and / or services to their clients. In e-Marketing Solutions create value to your database, segmenting the customer information that come to your Web Site.

Our advanced tools easily integrate with your website allowing you to create targeted campaigns depending on how you want to market your product catalog by e-Mailing.

Benefits of e-mail campaigns Marketing

• It is cost effective, because a single graphic piece can reach as many people as you want.
• It is oriented and personalized, ie you decide who you can and what you should see.
• Customers decide if they want to be in their database, which makes it really like to read your information.

The intention of a campaign of e-Mail Marketing is based on attracting new customers and the loyalty of existing customers. We provide all the necessary assistance for the development of these campaigns, from planning, design, development, implementation and deployment of the same.

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