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We love

  We love the mix of software engineers, designers and programmers front, and thereby create stable solutions, scalable and robust


To be world class organization, known and respected in the various markets by the superior quality of its products and services, its focus on knowledge and innovation, as well as for excellence and values ??of their professional


To support the success of our customers, following the evolution of their business, providing technology solutions, strategy and organization to enable them to increase their competitiveness and increase added value for its customers and shareholders
About us

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In GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones settle a company that provide services for information systems and telecommunications solutions, ranging from technology consulting to engineering, design, development, implementation and systems integration.

Specialists in business consulting and technology services and outsourcing company, we are the leading technology company in the area and in the process of expansion in the Latin American market.

We were able to provide high quality solutions through our experience and large volume of customers, which has allowed us to standardize our processes and become more efficient every day.

The satisfaction of our customers is our reason for being and work hard to achieve in each of our projects, whether small or too complex.


In GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones offer added value able to adapt to a dynamic environment to achieve the desired success, using our values ??as a guide:

Passion: put all our passion in every project, in order to create quality products and quality in our service, from a space clearly with our customers, and obtained satisfactory results.

Human Capital: Communications in GuaicaWeb find people like you who really understands what you need to achieve the success of your business. Engaging the maximum in each of the projects undertaken.

Proactivity looking for the success of our clients and own success in all initiatives that can be addressed both directly and in which is capable not own, helping the client to identify the best solutions.

GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones / 2000 - 2016

Value Added Services in IT and Telecommunications

BOLIVIA / Santa Cruz de la Sierra  
USA / Miami & Dallas  
VENEZUELA / Caracas & Porlamar