Outsourcing Email

The service of Email Hosting business is that delegates responsibility for the distribution, storage, management and support of their email GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones under a robust infrastructure, which provides support and backing of such an important service and vital as your company email.

The only thing your company must decide is the number of mailboxes that you want and the rest is left to GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones.

By allowing email transfer for processing, your company reduces infrastructure costs, operation support and email platform. Allowing you to concentrate its resources on the most important business.

You can access your emails from Microsoft Outlook or similar, via WebMail, PDA, WAP, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, tablets or any platform with an internet connection.

GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones offers multiple domain hosting your company, integrating the management of these tools through web based management, in an easy and comfortable.

Our platform email hosting is reliable, robust and high availability. Delivers high performance and large capacity based message handling infrastructure worldwide connection. This allows us to provide continuous service, and our customers have your email in a transparent manner.

Independence Plan SMEs Plan Professional Plan Corporate Plan

5 email accounts.

1500MB of space for email accounts.

2500MB monthly data transfer.

200MB for web files and shared documents.

15 email accounts.

4000MB of space for email accounts.

4000MB monthly data transfer.

500MB for web files and shared documents.

50 email accounts.

8500MB of space for email accounts.

12000MB monthly data transfer.

1000MB for web files and shared documents.

500 email accounts.

12000MB of space for email accounts.

20000MB monthly data transfer.

2000MB for web files and shared documents.

All plans include:  
 WebMail Service
 Access POP / IMAP / WEB
 Access WAP Cellular, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, tablets, PDA
 Private POP and SMTP Servers
 Anti-Spam Settings
 Separate passwords Change

We know that your email accounts can not fail , and must have lots of space with the highest security. We also understand the importance of your website is always the air, so we spent most of our resources to offer a robust and reliable.


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Outsourcing Email