Minimize response times and Increase Productivity
Streamline internal processes and customer facing, minimize response times and improve productivity by implementing its "Intranet To Go".

You can share documents and information, create collaborative work environments, keep updated and online all the staff directory, libraries, tables HelpDesk support, important announcements, news and events, online surveys, and many more applications, all from anywhere in your company when you want it safely and effectively.

Areas of Business:

Banking and Finance
Communications Media
ONGs and associations
Oil and Energy
Real Estate and Construction
Technology and Computer Security

Real-time collaboration at all times: Intranet To Go, offers a friendly environment to work. Share Calendars, Documents, Data, Libraries private, public and collaborative, Staff Directory and even birthdays of the month.

Run process with realtime results: Processes that need to be managed in less time, which traditionally takes an average of 2-3 months of implementation, with Intranet To Go will be conducted in just one week and results online as they are generated.

All personnel connected: Keep your organization connected to your company from any job or branch of the company. Even your remote workers can stay connected and updated, like those in the same office. Easily organize and manage their schedules, documents, databases - and your business - from a simple connection to your network.

Distributed management, information updates: Each business unit may be responsible for generating the information and processes for a specific area of your Intranet, you thereby gets his administration is distributed and centralized platform results for everyone and always accompanied with various security levels and profiles.

Powerful business components make the team work easy and efficient !

Knowledge Management: Store and share documents in any format, images and critical information on safety parameters.


1.- Custom Themes
2.- Alarm System
3.- Select the order of your blocks and applications
4.- Knowledge Organization
5.- News, Events and Surveys On Line
6.- Special blocks for your applications

Corporate News and Events: Post all your company news and keep updated the undercard of corporate events.

HelpDesk Platform: Channeling all the requirements of its employees through various HelpDesk created in key managements.

Staff Directory: The most comprehensive directory of employees with public information and private data for all managed by the HR Management.

Performance Evaluation: Evaluate staff performance easily and friendly, qualified and skills objectives periodically.

Digital Payment Receipts: Automate and save inputs with Digital Payment Receipts with historical storage and security levels.

Polls and Quizzes: Rate qualitatively or quantitatively staff feedback on topics of interest.

Enable Intranet: Perform maintenance activities without placing their servers out of service.

Automated Proofs HR: Each employee can generate your own PDF proof of employment, income and even customize them.

Important Announcements: Send high priority announcement simultaneously to all users.

Meeting and Conference Rooms: Book from his job of meeting space preference at the time that suits you.

Custom Themes: So easy and simple corporate image of your company integrated the Look & Feel of the platform.

Guards Book: Meet staff and guards posted in those key departments for your company so you can settle quickly eventualities.

Statistics and Auditing: See real-time usability of its platform and audit those responsible for each component.

Intranet makes all members of your organization be more productive


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