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Event Management Software

Applications for events that develop in GuaicaWeb Communications are based on the Internet and are accessible from all kinds of devices, whether computers or mobile devices (PC, Mac, SmartPhone, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc..).

They are designed to manage everything for the success of your event.

Facilitate both the preliminary stage of the development organization and the actions following the event.

Since this type of software application can promote the event, registering participants, make payments, send electronic invitations and tickets, send reminders, and more.

Having an application to manage an event has many advantages as it allows to manage in an easy and fast all the steps to make an event a success.

You can:

Manage the list of participants in real time.
Management of the event's agenda with their different activities and even enable logging attending these.
Enable event registration and specific sections, such as conferences, seminars, etc., easily online.
Send reminders to attendees and important announcements about the event.
Manage discounts and individual registration codes for each user.
Access and edit the data of the participants at any time and export to create a database event.
Connect communications with social networking event.
Allow attendees to connect with each other before the event to close meetings or gatherings and beyond.
Manage cancellations and changes in real time.
To enable the treatment to each individual group or a personalized way.
Having an accurate attendance control and then can communicate with attendees.
Watch the videotaped event subsequently.
Do satisfaction surveys on-line and solicit views while you are celebrating the event or later.
Generate reports on the development and results of the event.

It is the way to facilitate communication between organizers and attendees, allows comprehensive control of transactions and keeps under control all the steps from invitation to the results and the final report.

In GuaicaWeb Comunicaciones have extensive experience in the development of applications that have contributed substantially to the success of the events organized by our customers.

Everything you need for a successful event

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